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Mikardo was born out of 15 years of manufacturing experience within the sports industry and a real passion for martial arts. We are proud of our brand because we design and manufacture our own products to ensure a consistently high quality in everything that we produce. Our leadership team and staff provide us with experience and expertise in the areas of  manufacturing, but more importantly, we use our own products ourselves within our coaching roles to young people and personal love of boxing. It is this combination of expertise and passion for martial arts that is put into every product that  we design and manufacture. 
What defines us as a brand are the materials we source for our products. At Mikardo we only use materials that are tough and durable. We do not use materials such as PU, also known as Maya Leather. We only use high quality Rexene or Genuine Leather to ensure that our products last. Our moulds are also unique due to the quality of the materials that we use and the production process being in our own manufacturing facilities. This ensures our customers are getting the best protection  against injuries and ensure a more comfortable fit.
At Mikardo we believe that our customers are the key to our success. From design to production we keep our customers in mind and make sure we are using robust materials to ensure long lasting and high quality products.
Our Team:


Patrick Mc Gettigan - Business Development Manager/Director
Patrick boasts experience and expertise in boxing and martial arts and, spotting a gap in the market for well designed kit, Patrick joined forces with Hammad Sheikh fifteen years ago to begin manufacturing their very own high quality sports equipment. This marked the creation of Mikardo, a local business, born and bred in Ireland. Patrick has a real passion for martial arts - he has always worked closely with boxing / martial arts promoters as well as being a keen supporter of local charities. As an ex boxing coach, he is also our lead on identifying current trends and sourcing new designs for products. We use Patrick's experience and knowledge of boxing / martial arts to develop high quality sports products which combine both aesthetics and functionality.


Hammad Sheikh - Marketing Manager / 
Procurement Director 

Hammad is our Marketing Manager and Procurement Director, with 18 years' experience in manufacturing for well-known brands around the world. Hammad's family have been manufacturing sports goods for over 70 years. After following in his family's footsteps and working alongside them in the family company, Hammad set out to explore the world of manufacturing on his own terms. He joined forces with Patrick Mc Gettigan fifteen years ago and started manufacturing products for brands around the world. After setting up a manufacturing facility, he focused his energy into manufacturing materials for products, working with specialists to develop ground-breaking new materials like the RIB-TECH™ non-rip material. Hammad is the first person the design team consults when designing our products. We utilise his expertise to make sure we use the most durable and hard-wearing materials to ensure high quality products for our customers.